Saturday, January 17, 2009

ModoDonkey Revealed

Here's a side table/bookshelf/laptop cart I designed and built. I'm calling it the ModoDonkey in reference to the Penguin Donkey [see post below] of yore. It's made out of one 4x4 sheet of birch plywood and four metal casters. I learned during this process that I am much more interested in the design stage of the process than the construction. Luckily, I discovered wood filler. For larger, future projects, I'm going to design the piece and get a cabinet maker to properly cut and assembly any boxy sections I really need square.

I'm pretty happy with the piece. It is very useful, and fits nicely in our modest, modern aesthetic. The idea is that one side you can place coffee table books and magazines. On the other, DVDs or books I'm currently reading. I cut a hole in each end so the table can easily be pulled over to my chair. Also, the design fits DVDs and paperbacks on two sides. I'm using the back side to store Nintendo Wii gear. It's great for keeping things out of sight, and the kids are into putting things away in this "secret compartment."

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