Monday, April 26, 2010

Chelsea Handler article

A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by a reporter for the Houston Chronicle, Tara Dooley, about comedian/talk show host Chelsea Handler. I had a nice conversation with Tara for about 45 minutes about my thoughts about Chelsea, placing her show within the context of post-network TV, as well as various female comedians.

I got interested in Chelsea a couple of years ago during the presidential election, and truth is, I don't watch her show nearly as much anymore. During 2008, I thought it was striking how outspoken she was on her show RE her support for Obama. I talked about this at Flow 2008 and ICA 2009. Though her show on E! is pretty much nonstop celebrity snark, occasionally something more "relevant" continues to work its way in...

Chelsea remains interesting for that reason (and she's funny, too). The larger point that I made at the conference discussions was that the so-called "political" moments that people remember or cause controversy are rarely in predictable places. It's when we least suspect them...

Anyway, the resulting article from my interview is a good one. Have a read: Chelsea is working hard, lately

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