Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mixtape: I Wanna Be Your Adored Dog

I found a super easy way to export an iTunes playlist as a single "chapterized" file--app called "Joined Together." Perfect for making and sharing a mixtape. I present to you my latest. Although it's one file, you can skip around and see the titles of the various songs as it plays.

Download I Wanna Be Your Adored Dog (60-something megs...but it's worth it!).

Here's the playlist:

  1. I Wanna Be Adored- The Stone Roses
  2. I Got a Man - Positive K
  3. I Can Do Anything (Delacratic) - De la Soul
  4. I'm a Cuckoo - Belle & Sebastian
  5. I'm Finding it Harder to Be A Gentleman - White Stripes
  6. I Don't Wanna Walk Around with You - Ramones
  7. I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor - Artic Monkeys
  8. I Bleed - Pixies
  9. I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Gary McFarland
  10. I Can't Go for That - The Bird and the Bee
  11. I Didn't Know I Love You Until I Saw You Rock'n'Roll - Vaselines
  12. I Found that Essence Rare - Gang of Four
  13. I Had to Tell You - 13th Floor Elevators
  14. I Know I Know I Know - Tegan & Sara
  15. I Know I'll See You - A Place to Bury Strangers
  16. I Still Believe - Tim Capello
  17. I Turn My Camera On (John McEntire Remix) - Spoon
  18. I Want You! Peter Bjorn and John
  19. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Acoustic Demo) - Uncle Tupelo

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