Friday, August 24, 2012

Mexico TV Photos - Circa 1948

This is a scan of two photos I found in a box from my grandmother's things. That's her and my grandfather, surrounded by friends, on a vacation to Mexico. On the right is a photo where a matte has been used to make it appear that they are on TV. There's another photo that includes my father, and my best guess is that this must be 1948, give or take a year.

So, what's going on here is not just a gimmick based on the new technology of TV, but also a play on the notion of how television can transport you to different places, or bring the world into your living room. Both photos were printed on paper with address lines so they could be used like a postcard. Thus, you could send this photo of yourself on TV to your friends, as if they were turning on their TV to see you far away. I also think it's interesting here how on the left you have the "real" tourist photo site, and then on the right there is the living room scene as well as the large photo (or is it meant to be a window?) of the city.

UPDATE: My father tells me that the photo with him in it is earier, and that these are from a later trip that he and my uncle did not go on. So these are probably mid-late 1950s.

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