Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sick of Superbowl Ads Already?

I know I'm definitely sick of those teasers with Arnold as Bjorn Borg (or is it Luke Wilson in the Royal Tenenbaums?).

Here's a good column from Ian Crouch at The New Yorker on the logic of debuting Superbowl ads before the Superbowl. While this practices is helpful in my Advertising Criticism class, I agree it undermines the pleasures of TV's liveness, the annual summit of which is the Superbowl.

"It remains one of American culture’s great live events, and there is something cheering in the idea of being confined in a moment with millions of other viewers. As more companies circumvent the constraints of time with built-up preview campaigns and the early release of full ads, there is something to be said, from a viewing perspective, and, perhaps, even from a business one, for those that continue to value the dramatic possibilities of surprise."

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