Thursday, November 06, 2014

Tough, But Fair: A Message to My TV Criticism Students

Here's a conversation you might want to have with yourself:
Did I remember to italicize the title of the TV show I wrote about in my column?
If yes: Of course, that's what I was told before and it is an easy rule to follow (or look up if I am unsure). I'm going to get on with my weekend!
If not: Why is it I cannot remember to do this?
What impact will this have on my grade?
What does this potentially signal about my future, that I can't take care of this small thing, the neglect of which seriously undermines my writing?
What can I do to remember to italicize the titles of TV shows next time?
I don't know. But I hope I can remember.
Something to think about.
Have a good weekend!

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