Saturday, January 10, 2015

Scenes from TV Guide: November 12, 1960

He's not the "houswives' conscience" but he does have a special "friend"--and a new show, My Three Sons.
He's the housewives conscience, so keep up, ladies. Also, keep up, "vintage males."

How do you explain Bowling for Dollars, Uncle Miltie? I mean, Mr. Television?

Yes, you can "Fly Mohawk." Presumably they needed Sterling Cooper Draper Whatever to rebuild the brand after this campaign. Or maybe it was just unfortunate ad placement, like being next to this giant poodle getting a shave to celebrate 90 years of Sprattsmanship.

Dave Garroway peers into the abyss, then hammers his name onto it and beckons you to join him.

I bought this because of this program, Story of a Family, a prototype for family reality shows that is pitched here as a documentary investigation of the postwar family. 

So screw you, Emerald Isle.

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