Thursday, July 31, 2008

27 Dresses & Pineapple Express

Tracy Roquet, Lori Enriquez

Some key elements about 27 Dresses were that the dress that the main character on the poster is wearing is made out of words, it would mostly be considered a "chick flick", and the actress is smiling confidently in the picture. In Pineapple Express, the poster depicted violence, that it was more masculine, and the actors on the poster had various expressions on their faces.

The genre of both films is definitely shown in the posters. 27 Dresses would be considered a drama/comedy while Pineapple express would be an action/comedy. The actress in 27 Dresses is again smiling with confidence in what seems to be a formal dress. This shows that the movie could be funny, but still including drama being that the main focus is a girl. Girls love drama! The Pineapple Express poster has one guy laughing, one guy with a confused sort of look on his face, and one guy with a determined look. They are all carrying guns and they look pretty dirty so it is concluded that it would be a comedy/action movie.

27 Dresses is targeting women and Pineapple Express is targeting men. This is because the 27 Dresses poster has a girl with a dress on. Women love dresses! Pineapple Express has guns and men that look filthy. This relates more with men because they love action.

The tagline of 27 Dresses is "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride." It helps sell the movie because women tend to be more interested in watching emotional situations. The tagline of Pineapple Express is "Put this in your pipe and smoke it." It suggests something illegal that men would most likely consider entertaining.


peacerin said...

27 Dresses:
I believe this poster accurately depicts that the movie is about a woman wearing 27 dresses, but the only problem is whether she gets married 27 times(because she is wearing a "white" gown) or is it the fact that she is in 27 weddings as a bridesmaid/maid of honor.

Lauren Self said...

The poster for 27 Dresses could be sending a message of how the character tried on 27 dresses before she found the perfect one, because there are brand names printed on the dress. However, the tagline could make you wonder if the character is a bridesmaid instead of a bride. I thought the movie was cute!

Tracy said...

Being that I've never seen the movie, I thought that the poster gave a good sense as to what the movie was about. The dress made out of words was a really creative idea. This movie is on my "Movies to Rent" list for this weekend. :)

KevinP said...

Pineapple Express:
Wow! Just the poster for this movie makes me laugh...but i guess thats the point. The different expressions each character is wearing on their face helps to explain the comic nature of the film. Not to mention the weapons they carry so casually by their side. I will definitely be seeing this film in the future.

Bethany Woodard said...

I feel that this movie shows in a creative way that a woman has to go through a lot of dresses before finding the perfect one...a metaphor for finding the man of her dreams maybe? Which does happen in the end. I love this movie because it is relatable and enjoyable.

Mike G said...

I personally have never seen either of these two movies but I do want to see Pineapple Express. In the poster, it shows a picture of three young men and Seth Rogen in the middle appealing to a male audience or those who just love comedies.

Bianca said...

I have seen the movie 27 dresses and i definitely believe that the movie poster accurately depicts the content of the movie. The poster shows a woman in a white gown with the title of the movie, 27 dresses, in the middle. The 27 dresses illustrates how shes been in weedings 27 times and the fact that shes wearing a white gown shows that she finally gets married at the end. However i know this because i saw the movie and loved it. I could understand why someone who has'nt seen the movie could assume that she gets married 27 times or has been a bridesmaid 27 times.