Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Indiana Jones and Burn After Reading


Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Burn After Reading

In the poster of Indian Jones, the elements that are most emphasized are historical adventure and ancient time. The actor Harrison Ford is emphasized because not only is the image of him the main focal point but the fact that he is a familiar film star makes him recognizable. The other elements that are portrayed are the age of the characters and the exotic element because of the demographics displayed.

In the poster of Burn After Reading there is an element of mystery and depicting crime and it also emphasizes name recognition because of the bold names being displayed.

For the movie Indiana Jones, the genre would be adventure and it is important for the movie to be sold because it targets audiences that like action packed movies. The fact that one character is on a motorcycle, one is carrying a sword, and one is running from what looks like an army of people shows how much action will take place during the movie.

For the movie Burn After Reading, the genre would be mystery and it is important for the movie to be sold because it is portrayed in its simplicity and it creates curiosity which will draw viewers to want to watch the movie. There really is no certain clue that explains what the movie will be about except that there is a spy and a man holding a gun which shows that some time of crime will most likely occur during the movie. It leaves the viewers with a sense of curiosity.


The Indiana Jones movie targets the older audience due to it being a sequel. This is because the movie makers want to see if the hype of the expectation from its previous films live up to what is being portrayed. The movie also wants to catch the attention of all the people who have seen the previous Indiana Jones movie by showing all of the character on the poster whether they are new or old.

Burn After Reading is targeting an older audience as well and to those who are intrigued with organized crime and possible esponage. This is because the only picture shown is a spy and an arm holding a gun. This represents that the movie will probably be geared more toward a mature audience due to crime.


There is no tagline for the movie Indiana Jones.

The tagline for Burn After Reading is "Intelligence is Relative". This suggests that high intellect is required to figure out the mystery being portrayed. It helps sell the film because those people who are curious about things will be drawn to watch this movie so that they can have a chance to figure out a mystery.

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peacerin said...

I think the poster accurately depicts the content of the movie perfectly because it has all the main characters. Also it shows a couple shots of the movie through the action of the character on the poster. To me the poster shows how much of an action movie Indiana Jones was because it shows him running from a crowd of Indians, a woman is holding a sword, and another character is riding on a motorcycle. Now if that is not action/adventure than i dont know what it is. :)