Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New York Times

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Top Stories
1. Consumer Prices, Driven by Fuel, Surge 1.1% in June- Fuel prices increasing more quickly then expected leading to more stress on the economy.
2. Airlines' Woes Seen in Delta and American Losses- Expensive jet fuel has caused airlines Delta and Americanto lose a little over a billion dollars.
3. Israel Frees Prisoners in Deal With Hezbollah- Hezbollah is giving Israel sildiers, in return for an Lebanese murderer, Samir Kuntar. Pictures are available of Samir Kuntar in 1979 and on Wednesday.
4. Democrats See a Need for Further Economic Stimulus- President Bush disagrees with the Democrats wanting to have a second stimulus. President Bush doesn't agree because the first economic stimulus has not yet been completed.
5. A.L. Win in Lengthy Farewell to Stadium- The All Star game was an exciting one for its fans and players, this was the last game that will be played in Yankee Stadium. A picture is shown of Justin Noreau sliding into home to score the winning run.
Popular Articles
New York Times does offer a most popular section or e-mailed, blogged, searched, and movies. The front page of the website is mostly based on econmic issues, where as the most popular page is more entertainment, but still including political issues.
Journal-Style Blogs
New York Times website has a mixture of different subjects of blogs. The blogs are posted by The New York Times and independent authors.
Discussion Boards
Users can comment on opinion articles, most of the time the comments information purtain to the article itself instead of carrying on conversations about other subjects not related to the article. The comments are sharing opinions about the articles and others comments posted.
The videos on the New York Times website are uploaded from the New York Times.


Kim said...

The site reads a lot like the real newspaper. It is easy to locate the types of articles that you want to read, and everything is listed in a way that makes it functional and appealing. I really liked the way that the most popular articles were listed right there on the first page. is simple to navigate and it’s reputable. I would definitely use this site as a news source.

blsanchez1962 said...

Being an English major, it has frequently been used as an example of quality writing and suggested as a good source for stories and good grammatical examples. I have been to NYT many times and have found good quality stories in which to do research as well as finding really good information on top new stories. I do enjoy the fact that it is like a newspaper because NYTimes is a very prestigious newspaper, and I just think it's cool. Their site is very simple to navigate through, you can even get NYT delivered to your email box. Another cool plus.

Bethany Woodard said...

I have visited this website for research purposes or to look up articles for a class. It is simple to navigate and I like the fact that the site still reads like an actual newspaper. This newspaper has an outstanding reputation and I like getting my news from it.

Bianca said...

I have used this site for research purposes and i find it very helpful. It is very much like the actual newspaper and it doesnt hurt that the NYT is one of the most realible for factual information. The site is very easy to navigate and i use this site often to read about the latest news.

leanne meador said...

I think this site is extremely informative and very well organized. Just like most news websites, New York Times offers many clips and videos that you can watch about the most popular stories and events. I think that my favorite part of this website were all the links that they had in the far left column. You can find information all the way from politics to fashion and style and you can also access information to all the favorite blogs and the most popular searches by just clicking on a tab. I would definitely visit this site for future reference when looking for an important news article.