Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The top featured stories on are featured in a slide show and can be viewed with a photo and a sentence summary. If you click on the photo you can be immediately directed to the story and catch up and the world wide events

1.The Exchange-The prisoner swap between Israel and Hizbullah began, causing complicated effects for Hamas and Gaza. A picture accompanies the story and shows prisoners in handcuffs being lead along.

2. What Obama Believes- Obama is asked about his religion and his strong faith. This is the cover story and the photo on the cover is of Obama with his hands folded, head bent as if he is praying

3. Royally Squeezed-With financial crisis hitting hard, the Queen of England starts to feel the pressure of the crisis. The photo for the story is a simple photo of the Queen smiling.

4. A Bargain Bailout?-Policy makers announced a detail plan to buy shares in the companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac due to dropping mortgage rates. The stories has a photo to accompany it and displays a balance with money on one side and a house on the other.

5. Google This-McCain is critcized for not being able to use Google but argues that it is not a problem. A photo is published with the photo and is of McCain smiling for the camera. provides the top breaking news stories, but it also displays a list of the most popular articles. A top ten list is presented on the right side of the web page and allows the viewer to see the most popular stories of the day and the most emailed. These are different from the top five stories because the most popular and most emailed stories are stories that people are just interested in and stories that people viewed the most. It's not necessarily the hard hitting news, but it's stories the public takes interest in.

The site allows for all types and kinds of bloggers. Bloggers write columns or ideas and can leave comments. Bloggers who put their stories or ideas out there are reporters, Newsweek correspondents and Editors of the magazine. Bloggers can also post their comments about any type of story that is out there. The bloggers who post comments are mostly subscibers of the column. The link below is directly to the different blogs provided by Newsweek. provides discussion boards for their clintel. Anybody who wants to provide their thoughts or comments on a certain story or article they can. People can leave comments on the blog or articles. The articles vary between conversations like and people just leaving their thoughts. Some of the conversations are heated arguments on the topics that were discussed!

The site is great about providing photos with most of their stories. The site also provides videos for some of stories and even has a column of all the different videos available. The photos and videos are provided by These clips can be accessed to watch, to share, and to email to those that you wish to gain access about news from around the world.

To get all the videos go to

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tori fitzsimmons said...

I really like how has the slideshow of the top stories of the moment on the front page. I love looking at pictures, and does a really good job at providing a picture or a video with pretty much each picture. Newsweek is very good at distributing their news focus evenly between stories. I like being able to read about the war and politics on the same page.

dreamcrusher said... is at best the most intense political website it seems. I find it rather lengthy in it's articules, too much information to read unless it's research that needs to be done. Yet it is reliable and to the point of it's reporting.

blsanchez1962 said...

Honestly I have never been a big fan of Newsweek magazine. I visited the site and thought it was interesting how it connected with MSNBC. The front page is very difficult to go through; maybe since I don't like the magazine is probably the reason I am not a big fan of the site. Although, it had some interesting stories; but it seemed too wordy for me.

tgarley said...

I liked the visual images the slide shows had for the top stories on They are to me the best source of news, because I find myself always saying that they are a reliable source for news. There are a lot of good detailed stories in these articles