Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top Headlines:
1. Consumer Prices Rise at Fastest Pace in 26 Years
“Surge in prices blamed on rocketing energy prices, reflecting big gains for gasoline, home heating oil and natural gas”.

2. Still Grieving, Still Angry (video)
“Chandra Levy's parents discuss the unending pain of a murdered daughter and frustration at lack of progress in solving the case”. This is the only headline that contained a video, it is of her family "Rembering Chandra," and speaking of the difficulties that come with having her murder unsolved.

3. Hezbollah Returns Israeli Bodies
“Guerrillas hand over the remains of two captured soldiers as part of a prisoner swap with Israel.”

4. Some Accord on Afghanistan
“After weeks of verbal combat over Iraq, candidates offer Afghanistan plans with striking similarities”.

Most Popular:
These articles differ because this section has two articles that directly talk about the economy, but mainly while the articles have different titles; it revolves around the same topics, such as the war, the campaign trail and Chandra Levy.

The majority of the Blogs listed were either reporters or editorial columnists. They have several sections for differnt topics, including: Arts and Living, Business, Local, National, Opinions, Politics, Religion, Sports, World, and the Post. To us, this appeared to be the same as sections you would find in an actual newspaper.

Discussion Boards:
It really depended on the article when it came to the comments; listed on some articles were more conversational style but the majority just listed their facts regarding the article. However, It listed a place on most articles where you could comment and the website also listed direct discussion boards under the headings of news and opinions.

The multimedia on the Washington Post is uploaded by the source itself. They have a variety of videos listed for you to watch under several different headings. Some of these headings include: Personal Tech, Green, Small Biz and Leadership.

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Victoria said...

This was published by Marcus, Nikte and Victoria :]

blsanchez1962 said...

I really liked this site. I guess I am a bigger fan of newspaper sites as opposed to straight news sites. But I liked the feel of this site. It reminded me of a Sunday afternoon at home browsing through the paper. I found it easy and appealing to go through. The front page was nice too.