Monday, July 14, 2008

Dove evolution: October 2006

Dove Evolution
First broadcast: October 2006

Our group chose this commercial because we believe that dove is showing us a good example of how young women are having distorted views of what beauty really is because of Hollywood, fashion models, and extreme dieting. This commercial shows us how an average looking women can be transformed from computer images into a super model. This commercial makes a very powerful statement of the "lack of reality," of beauty today in the media. The goal of this commercial was to be "an agent of change to educate and inspire girls on a wider definition of beauty and to make them feel more confident about themselves."
The Dove commercial is an informative commercial that shows a distorted view of how are culture is perceiving beauty. There are many similar commercials out today showing a false concept of beauty. Commercials such as the chanel no. 5 perfume shows a beautiful actress being chased by a man because of her scent. Most beauty commercials today only have actresses, anorexic models, and computer fixed faces on their advertisements when we really need to show society that beauty is not just skin deep.

Lanna Mayes
Tracy Roquet
Lori Enriquez


mjg504 said...

I really liked this commercial because at the beginning the woman used was not attractive but at the end she turned into a woman that some men would drool over. It also shows that the saying beauty is skin deep is very true because there are many things you can do to alter your looks to make yourself look better but it still doesn't change who you really are.

blsanchez1962 said...

I think this commercial issues a powerful statement and hopefully will open up an awareness to young woman of today. The Dove organization is actually trying to empower young women with their campaign for beauty and for older women ( in an effort to get woman to take a look at themselves and break the mold that media today portrays the idea of the way a woman or young woman should look. This is a good example of how media can invoke change in society in a very good way by education instead of just showing beautiful people, by changing the definition for all people. If enough companies can follow this example then perhaps there will be fewer cases of plastic surgery, anorexia and perhaps depression in young women who don't feel as though they are "beautiful". There are a few other campaigns out there targeted toward younger girls in an effort to empower them to make a change in the world through their importance. I think this new "evolution" is great and hopefully will spread like a wildfire. It is an example of positive change.

tori fitzsimmons said...

I think that this commercial really says alot about the image that the media is trying to sell to women. It's all about the power of products of alterations is what makes you beautiful. You can't be natural anymore, it's all about "looking like the celebs." I think that self-esteem doesn't come from trying to be someone you are not, it's about being confident in exactly who you are.

Lauren Self said...

This commercial was interesting to me because it is unique and really lets the truth be known about beauty industries and how they can make an ordinary woman look extraordinary with a click of a mouse. There are so many products that can change a woman's appearance, so instead of having confidence in ourselves and embracing our own beauty as individuals, many women don't settle for their appearance and go greater distances to change their appearance. Being able to change one's appearance on the computer is an eery feeling in my opinion, and one of the main reason's why so many women lack confidence in themselves, because looking beautiful in person and not just in pictures almost seems impossible.

cking said...

This commercial was interesting to me. It shows that anyone can look like a supermodel with enough makeup, hair extensions and retouching. Therefore, the beauty portrayed on screen or in print in not necessecarily beauty that can exist naturally.