Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lanna Mayes, Lori Enriquez, Tracy Roquet

Top Featured Stories:
1. Girl, 10, says husband raped, abused her
The first thing that catches your eye after logging on to is a picture of a 10 year old little girl from Yemen, Samaa. She was sent off to be married by her parents to a 30 year old man that raped and abused her. She filed for divorce and is now against the rules of marrying at a young age.
2. Oil plunges on supply increase
This story was basically about how the cost of barrels of oil has risen to an absurd amound making the cost of gas unheard of.
3. Inflation eats up paychecks
This story is about how the cost of food and other necessities has gone up drastically due to inflation. Americans are spending way more money than they need to in order to get the necessities that they need.
4. Secretive refinery plans spook farm town
This article was about how a refinery company plans to build a refinery to replace a farm. The idea causes controversy.
5. Remains identified as 2 Israeli soldiers
Israelis are proud of the 2 bodies that are found because they are a symbol of victory.
Most Popular/E-mailed Articles
These articles are mostly based on entertainment, political news, and the war in Iraq. The "front page" talks more about issues most important to Americans today, while the most popular articles have to do with entertainment.
The Site's Incorporation of Nontraditional News Formats/Journal-style Blogs
Reporters/Journalists for CNN and experts on the particular issues are the bloggers of these blogs. They use people such as the CNN political ticker, Anderson Cooper, Jack Cafferty, CNN Sci Tech team, and the CNN medical unit.
Discussion Boards
Users have a space where they are allowed to comment on the articles. Most comments seem to be strictly with the article. Once in a while there is some conversation, but not a great amount.
Incorporation of Multimedia Content
Videos are found in line with the top story on the "front page" of Video links relating to the story are embedded in the text of the articles, as well. CNN gives their own videos and use for the media players.


Rollie said...

Honeslty when I find out something that has happened around the world. I go directly to I like how they have a "Breaking News" banner, that tells you the most recent news. They also have the top news stories that I can click and see a picture and an excerpt, where I can read and if I want to continue...I click on "full story."

Victoria said...

I like CNN, i check it when i'm at work. What i like about the site is that for the most part they are reliable and have not done too much get a bad rep. Also like Rollie said, i like the breaking news part and how on their highlighted stoires it'll tell you how long it's been posted; makes you feel like your really getting the latest, updated news.

cking said...

I often use Its the first site I go to if I am looking for current news. CNN Has had a long standing reputation as a reliable news source. Therefore, I really feel like I'm getting the most current and reliable information from this site. I agree with both Victoria and Rollie about the breaking news ticker. It makes me feel that the site is being constantly updated with the most current news.

Niktay said...

I have to agree with Rollie, whenever something happens CNN is my first source.
I really like the way their website is set up; it definitely makes it a lot easier to navigate through it. It does make you feel like you're informed of everything the minute it happens. I also like the special tabs they have, such as Tech, World, it's nice to see what other things are making news.

dreamcrusher said... lives up to it's expectation in regards to captivating the viewer with it's immediated attention video news article and to the point.It's the website that seems up to date and a more modern approach in delivering news worthy.

timothy green said...

while reading these article I have learned so much about our world and how mess up it really is. I viwed the story about the 10 year old girl married to a 30 year old man, and the parents of the young child shiped the lilltle girl off to be with him. The young girl said that the man abused her. This is kinda of sick to man. I thought that the world is changing dramactily because to me this is unheard of and just down rite nasty.

Taren Nicole said...

This one I really liked. They are constantly updating the website so we can have the latest updates. It also has links to other news websites. On the front page they have videos and places to blog, along with top stories that hold great interest to me.

blsanchez1962 said...

Coming from you know that it is from a reliable source as well as it being the latest and up to date. I like this site because it is easy to navigate through and when you want to read a particular story, it's right there. It is also not difficult to find archived articles. It is a great news source and place to catch up on what's happening in the world.