Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baby Mama vs. The Day the Earth Stood Still


In Baby Mama, the elements that are most emphasized are the actors and what kind of characters they are depicting in the movie. It seems by the look on their faces that this is going to be a funny movie. The poster also has a lot of bright colors, which gives off the comedic and lightheartedness of the movie. The poster for The Day the Earth Stood Still has a more serious feel to it. The main element that is shown is the intriguing imagery both with the big moon being over the city, and the people who are walking towards it. It uses a lot of dark colors with gives off the more dramatic, almost epic feel.


Baby Mama is a comedy. The comedic genre seems very prevalent to selling the movie. The Day the Earth Stood Still seems to be more of an action/suspense genre. Obviously, the darkness of the poster gives off a more dramatic feeling with little or if any comedy. It does seem to be important in the way the movie is being sold.


Baby Mama seems to be targeting more women than men. From the poster, one can tell it is about a woman who has a surrogate mother to have her baby. So, it may even be targeted to mothers, expecting mothers, and even grandmothers. Since it is a comedy, it also seems to be targeting younger people as well. The Day the Earth Stood Still target audience comes off as just the general public. Other than the names of the two actors, there really is no way of seeing who directed it or what the rating is. It comes off as being sort of an "epic" film that could be geared towards everyone.


Baby Mama's tagline is "Would you put your this basket?" The tagline suggests that is a comedy and that it is about motherhood. It also tells of how the woman (Tina Fey) who wants the baby, is a little unsure about the woman (Amy Poehler) who is to be the surrogate, who comes off a little to silly and quirky. The Day the Earth Stood Still does not have a tagline, but because of the imagery in the poster, it seems to be relying on its dramatic/suspense feel.

Lauren, Chris, Tori


Lori said...

I have not seen either one of these movies. I have not heard of the movie "The Day the Earth Stook Still". I can tell you that I have seen many previews of "Baby Mama". I can tell that this particular movie is going to be a comedy, just becuase of the two women (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler). Both of these women are from Saturday Night Live. I can only say that I would enjoy watching this comedy. This seems to be a movie that gals would want to see. If they are hillarious in SNL, then one can just imagine how funny this movie can be. Just looking at this poster says it all!

cking said...

I like this poster. It pretty much sums up the movie. The expressions on the characters faces sums up their roles in the movie, and you can tell its comedy. I would want to see the maovie just from the poster, but I think that is becuase of the actors. You know a movie is going to funny with those two as the main characters. I think this particular movie used its star power to launch it.

erikaoffer said...

I have not seen the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still", but I take it from the poster that the movie is either about aliens or the end of the world. I have seen "Baby Mama" and it was just as hilarious as I thought it would be. When I saw the poster for the movie I knew it would be extremely funny because I had watched Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on SNL for years and laughed from the skits they did on SNL. The poster informed the viewer that the movie would be a comedy, but it didn't give away the twist and turns of the movie, which I thought was great because when I finally saw the film I was surprised at the outcome.

Niktay said...

I loved Baby Mama! The poster was not the reason why I went and saw it though. I would have to agree with Lori and say that it was probably because of the two actresses and the fact that i knew the movie was going to be a comedy. Like Erika, I was also surprised with the ending.:) Good job guys.