Sunday, July 13, 2008

Soul Asylum's Runaway Train

Title: Runaway Train by Soul Asylum
Date of Release: 1993

This particular music video is interesting because compared to other music videos, it sends a message across to people all over the world. It not only shows missing children and the year that they have been missing since, but it updates the photos of the children depending on the area you are in (ex. USA and U.K.). The photos are not always the same missing kids. This music video features the names and pictures of missing kids in a public video service style, rather than just being shown on a milk carton. It not only entertains you by the music, but it actually helped people find their missing children, and it also helped missing children find their way home.

The music video by Collective Soul called "The World I know" is about a businessman who on his way to work reads the newspaper to find out all the bad things that are going on in society. He feels the sadness and attempts to jump off a building until a pigeon lands on his arm making him realize that life isn't all what it seems. So, this video just shows all the bad things going on and what it could possibly drive a person to do. However, the Soul Asylum video helped society find most of the missing children and actually made a difference in society. There are many music videos/songs that talk about helping or changing society, but this video goes above and beyond what a music video has to be.



mjg504 said...

This song is very touching seeing how it targets children who were missing. It is also informative by letting you know which ones they found. I think this is good because most songs I listen only talk about money and how much money that person is getting so it was refreshing to hear something different for once.

Mike G said...

This music video was very unique and thoughtful way of using mass media to serve not only as entertainment but also to double as a public service tool. It is a pioneer in its originality.

peacerin said...

I never knew this song was about missing children! I guess ya do learn something new everyday. Well anyways.. the way Soul Asylum used themselves and their video to help find missing children and which ones had been found, such as a public service tool as mike g said above, is very unique.