Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Chronicle of Narnia-Prince Caspian and Day of the Dead

Ashley Bridges, Bianca Morin, Becky Sanchez

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Key Elements:

The elements that were most emphasized on the “Day of the Dead” poster were the picture and title; they were shown to attract an audience who are interested in horror movies. The director is also added at the top with the mention of another movie he directed in the same genre: “Halloween H2O.” “The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian” poster shows the younger actors who are in the movie in a “fantasy” type picture to attract the younger audience who likes fantasy.


“Day of the Dead” – Horror

“The Chronicle of Narnia – Prince Caspian” – Young Adult Fantasy

They can attract viewers.


Both posters are targeting a particular audience. “The Day of the Dead” poster is to attract an audience who enjoy watching horror. “The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian” poster is targeting an audience who are younger, for example young adult and younger who are interested in fantasy.


“Day of the Dead” has the tagline “D-day is coming.” It helps by instilling fear. The other poster didn’t have a tagline.


cgentry said...

I have not seen these two movies, but I have heard a little about them. In the case of the Day of the Dead poster, you can obviously see that the movie is a horror film. The dark background used for this poster and the decrepit hand coming out of the ground gives off a mysterious and eerie message to the public. You can also see in the poster that the title was written in red and placed at the bottom of the poster. This tells the public that their will be blood and the horrific characters will come from the ground. The Chronicle of Narnia poster depicts the movie as an action/adventure film. The placement of the actors in the background tells the public that each one of those actors play a special role in the movie. The placement also shows that even though the actors are important, they are still secondary compared to the actor in the middle of the poster. In addition, the actor in the middle of the poster is positioned in a heroic stance. He also has a sort of white glow coming from his armor, which can be considered synonymous with righteousness.

dreamcrusher said...

There is no confusion about its genre in the poster for the "Day of the Dead". this type of genre I personally do not partake in at all! However, many elements are used to depict it's content; the color scheme is dark and eerie and the red ink used symbolizes intence blood violence.The graphics are in detailed as to signify extreme horror. There's no doubt in its accuracy of the intent to show what to expect in this film.

Dapherdilly said...

I have not seen these two movies but I have seen the first Chronicles of Narnia and I think that the poster does depict the type of genre of the movie. The young man in front of the poster seems to be a knight or prince of some sort just by looking at his armor.