Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fool's Gold & Cloverfield

Key elements:

The actors in Fool's Gold are the only thing you see when you look at the poster, so they are what is meant to bring in the audience. People know that these two actors have made a funny love story before and that is what you expect by looking at the poster.

In the Cloverfield poster, an image of a decapitated Statue of Liberty and a smoking New York City says a lot about what the movie is about. The hook is the genre/storyline because actors are nowhere to be found on the poster. According to the poster, actors are not important, what matters is just the storyline.


In the Fool's Gold poster, you can tell it is a romantic movie because the way the two actors are looking at each others eyes and their body language. The genre appeals to young adults looking for a romantic comedy.

In the Cloverfield poster, you can tell from the start that it is an action/suspense/sci-fi movie because the New York Buildings are burning in the background, the Statue of Liberty's head is blown off and also the tagline leads you to believe it might be a sci-fi thriller.


The Fool's Gold poster appeals to young adults looking for a romantic comedy. Actors, Kate Hudson and Mattew McConaughey are known for making romantic comedies and it targets women, men and couples.

The Cloverfield poster looks like it could be a sci-fi thriller and it would appeal to a mature audience because it shows a picture of a destroyed city in chaos.


The Fool's Gold poster does have a tagline, "This February true love takes a dive." The reference to the month of February signifies Valentine's Day as a lure for a date movie.

The Cloverfield poster also has a tagline, "Something has found us." This tagline suggests that aliens or some type of being has taken over the city and it appeals to sci-fi as well as thriller fans.

Mike G, Bethany, and Erin

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peacerin said...

The poster does not accurately depict what the movie is ALL about. It is not just about the two main characters falling in and out of love, there is also a major plot line with treasure hunting involved. No one can tell that is what this movie is really about by looking at the poster. And one more thing... why does she have to be almost naked, and him fully clothed?? hmmm.