Wednesday, July 16, 2008



Group Members: Daphne Clement & Taren Shelton

  • Inflation Skyrockets On Energy Costs - This article talks about inflation and how consumer prices have rapidly increased due to rising energy prices. This article also contained an image that consisted of a square with four different pictures. One picture showed an image of gas prices, one was a photo of the meat market at the grocery store, another was a flight attendant with his head in his hand and the last one was a hand holding one dollar bills.
  • Hezebollah Returns Dead Israeli Soldiers - This article talks about two soldiers, Udi and Eldad, who were killed in the war in Lebanon. This one also contained a picture of the two coffins of the men who died.
These next three articles were not main stories but were still featured on the front page

- U.S. Envoy to meet Iran Nuke Negotiator: William Burn will be meeting with the Iranian envoy to talk about putting a stop to the making of atomic weapons.
- Obama: Mag cover insults Muslim Americans: Talks about the New Yorker satire of Obama and his wife as terrorists burning the American flag and talks about how Obabma reacted and feels about this issue.
- McCain to Outline Education Plans: This article is about how McCain will expand opportunities of education for children not doing well in school.

CBS NEWS offers a list of the most viewed articles.
* These stories do not differ a whole lot from the featured articles. They are mostly all about politics or serious national issues. The only one that went outside of the box was an article about how to cook different steaks, but even still the opening paragraph talked about increased prices in meat.

The CBS news site incorporates nontraditional news formats as journal style blogs. For example, Katie Couric, an anchor and managing editor of CBS evening news has even titled her blog as "Couric & CO." Couric and CO is a web log made up of CBS News producers and correspondents from around the world who cover the news. This web log is a forum type blog to engage readers in conversation. The blogger gives the reporters a way to talk back to the viewers and readers.
*Bloggers include a variety of reporters, political pundits, and experts on other issues.
Sharyl Attkisson - an investigative correspondent who focuses on government spending and tax payer issues.
Jeff Greenfield - a senior political correspondent who is a veteran political media and culture reporter.
Chip Reid - Capital Hill correspondent and has covered congress since 2004.

CBS News also has discussion boards for engaged users. The comments on oil prices and where it comes from seem to be in converstion with one another. This conversation is strictly about the video clip that is posted. The commentators seem to be having an ongoing conversations with more than one user. Users can comment on news articles and opinion pieces as well.

There is also a link on the front page of the website that allows you to see all the videos they have posted. The videos come from the source itself, they are not uploaded by users.


dreamcrusher said...

This website is very enngaging as a news source. It's newsworthy in my opinion because of its investigative reporting that one can relate to. It has reputable news correspodents such as Katie Couric that deliver the news with such professionalism.

Mike G said...

I think that CBS did a great job with their web page. I like the way this particular web page is layed out & it's easy to navigate. They also incorporate a way to type in your zip code to get local news tailor made for your area.

ashley said...

One thing that i have noticed through all the top stories of these cites is that they all ahve relatively th same top stories. To each theirown when it comes to the most popular and things of that nature; those are different for the different people each cite appeals too. I have to agree with a commment made y another classmate and say that most fo hte blogs that are on these cites come from the writers themselves. Overall i like this cite because it it easy to follow and engaging.

peacerin said...

What was interesting to me was that CBS NEWS also has links on it's homepage for The Early Show, 60 Minutes, and other TV shows. This caught my eye because it is easy access to link away from the homepage of CBS. Also another interesting link is the UP TO THE MINUTE link that provides breaking news in one click. I liked how the homepage has a slide show of the headline pictures, and they are not all scattered all over the page. Another interesting aspect of this news site is the Puzzle and Toons link. What caught my eye the most was the Strange link, that provides readers with odd, random stories.