Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Timothy Green
Leanne Meador
Deborah Reyes

Israel Mourns Its Two 'Sons". This report covers the demise of two soldiers that have been kidnapped two years prior and are now pronounced dead. Also provides a link to a slide show.

US Envoy to Join Iran Nukes Meeting. US Envoy will make rare appearance with other powers at talks with Iranian envoy which are aimed at persuading to halt activities that could lead to the development of atomic weapons. Also provides a link to a slide show.

Economic Jitters Hitting Treasury Market? Analysts report reassurance to investors of the safety and stability of United States treasury bonds. Also provides a link to a slide show.

Delta, American Report Bleak Financial. Crippled by fuel prices, airlines report billions in quarterly net loss. Also provides a link to a slide show.

Obama Land(s). Race leads in Barack's direction but just enough doubts keep it close where polls suggest a wide spread between the candidates. Also provides a link to a slide show.

Yes, this site does offer a list of the most popular and most emailed articles to the extent that they offer more video clips and visuals.

This site offers other news formats such as blogs. For this web page there is a reporter such as Jake Trapper who is a senior National Correspondent for ABC News. He writes about politics and popular culture and covers a range of national stories. His particular blog is called Political Punch.

Discussion boards are available for this site having comments that are strictly to the article while few are formatted as conversations with one another.

ABC does incorporate multimedia content, in this instance it is the source itself. This site offers a link to videos that you can reach by clicking on the images.


Lauren Self said...

I visited this website and thought it to be a simple layout of a website. In my opinion the other websites were too cluttered and hard to choose a section that interested me. I would reguarly visit this webiste because it has updated information, it's appealing to the eye, and easy to choose a story that I think I might enjoy.

Lori said...

I have to agree with Lauren about this news website being user friendly. I regularly visit for several reasons. I like the fact that if I miss Good Morning America, I know I can visit this website and get the information. I also like the fact that you can scroll with the arrow and clik on which top story you are interested in. I also like the videos on the right hand corner. I can easily see most of the news on the main page of this website.

cgentry said...

This site is very informative. The web page is set up in a basic format, which makes it easier to navigate. I also like the fact that you can look at stock market reports and view episodes of other ABC news programs if you missed them. I would definitely consider visiting this site again.

Tracy said...

If I ever want to get a quick fix of some news, normally I just check out Yahoo! News. After visiting, I might just change my default news site. This site was user friendly as well as organized.

mjg504 said...

This site was very easy to navigate on because its layout was easy to read. It also was very informative for people who really would like to know what is going on in our world today.

blsanchez1962 said...

I must agree with everyone else on this one, it is really easy to navigate through. The layout is simple and you can click on just about any area you want from the first page that should be the latest news. ABC reminds me of local channel 3, which is what I would watch for local news; I would go to this site as well.