Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sex and the City vs. August Movie Posters


Sex and the City
The elements most emphasized in this poster are the title and the main Character, Carrie. In fact, they are the only elements of the poster.
In this poster the actor is emphasis. Another element emphasized is the city setting.

Sex and the City
The poster advertising the movie doesn't really clue the viewer into what genre the movie is. There is only one person on the poster, and the title consumes the majority of it. A person who has never seen the show wouldn't know what the movie was about, other than it has something to do with sex. However, the character on the poster is laughing, and the one color on the poster is a bright one, which could be associated with a lighthearted film.
This poster gives more away about the genre of the film. Judging by the intense look on the actor's face in the poster, the movie is suspenseful. The poster itself is rather dramatic, which is most likely done to coincide with the movie's dramatic tone.

Sex and the City
This poster is targeting women. The only color on the poster is a bright pink, the majority of which sparkles. The character on the poster is dressed in a fabulous pink dress, which is the only other thing emphasized in color, which is also bright pink.
This poster is for a more general audience. There is no clear distinction of specific audience it is meant to appeal to. The presence of the attractive actor may interest women, while the suspenseful tone may appeal more to men. However, the general mystery of the poster is intriguing anyone.

Sex and the City
The tagline on the Sex and the City poster is "Get Carried Away". Fans of the show understand that this is a play on words with the name of the main character, and probably think its cute and clever. However, for people who have not seen the show the tagline is effective as well. It implies that the movie is fun, and something the viewer can escape or get lost in.
When we first looked at this we didn't see a tagline. However, after a second look we discovered there was one at the very bottom that read, "Comes Just Before The Fall". We thought that this was just describing when the movie was coming out, but it is actually the tagline. This adds to the overall mystery that the poster implies. It definitely adds to the effect of the poster...once you figure out what it means.


Victoria said...

I think that the Sec and the City poster has more glitz and glamor to it and as Sara Jessica Parker looks to be model walking down the street as she usually does. However, The title is HUGE and overbearing VS the August poster (which focuses more on the character) i believe because Sex and the City is very well known name, and thats why they try to market it that way instead of focusing on the characters, because most already know the cast of sex and the city. August however, is a new concept on a movie (rather than the already established Sex and The City plot), so this would make sense that they would ride the hype of the character than emphasizing the title.

Taren Nicole said...

On the August cover they are definitely trying to use actor, Josh Hartnett, to help market the movie. He is a well know actor and that is the main focus on the movie poster. You can not really make out what the movie is about just from looking at that or even what kind of audience it targets. The Sex and the City poster is a little bit different. They do put Sarah Jessica Parker on the front because she is the main character and very well known, but they also chose to use the color pink which relflects that it is a girly movie. I agree with Victoria that they emphasized the name because it is well known, being that it was a tv show and used that (the name) to help make it sell.