Sunday, July 13, 2008

V for Vendetta - V's TV Speech

V for Vendetta

The group chose this movie clip not only for its action scenes and visual effects, but also because it makes valid points about government. The first point informs people about the negative capabilities a government can have on its people. For example, if an individual or a group of individuals obtain government positions, these individuals could possibly pass laws and regulations that would work against the people. The clip also states that a government has the capability to use fear and oppression as tools in order to convince the public that the government is supreme, and that it has the answers to solve the problems at hand. Finally, the movie points out that if people don’t like what a particular government is doing, the people should then question the governing methods that are being used. A government should serve its people instead of the people serving its government.

A movie that is similar to V for Vendetta is the film 1984. This movie has the same basic foundation. The people in these movies are fearful about the world around them. The people also feel that change is needed, but people are hesitant to take civil action. The freedom of expressing your opinions freely has been taken away and is looked down upon by the government in both movies. Also, the role of media played a vital role in both movies. The media told these people how to act in public, how to dress, and how to conduct themselves in private. The idea of “Big Brother is watching” is displayed in both movies.


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