Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Pandora is a personalized radio online, where the stations only play music you like. By typing in a favorite artist or song Pandora will make a radio station that explores just that part of the music universe. Anyone can use Pandora for free online or on your mobile.
I use pandora mainly at work or when I am doing homework online to drown out all the noise around me. If a song is played on the radio station that you thoroughly enjoy you can rate it or even bookmark it. I like to listen to Pandora because it is a way to hear new music because the radio blows now a days.
On Pandora you can search and invite friends to join the site. I invited my father and now I share new artists with him that I think he would enjoy, and we also leave little comments on each others page just saying HI and what not. A Pandora user can make a profile, share a current station with a friend and find other listeners. Also, this radio station online has a blog that I read sometimes. Pandora has also teamed up with the iPhone and iTouch, and about 30 other mobile phones with either AT&T or Sprint to listen on the go.
ERIN TODD, exam bonus points

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