Monday, August 04, 2008

Tuesday Night Programming


ABC-game shows
CBS-crime dramas and a reality show
CW-reality show and teen drama
Fox-reality show and medical drama
NBC-game show and reality show

Block and Counter Programming
Examples of Block Programming:
ABC shows Wipeout followed by I Survived a Japanese Game Show, both of which are game shows.
CW airs Beauty and the Geek followed by Reaper. These shows are geared toward a younger, teenage audience.

Examples of Counter Programming:
Between 9:00 and 9:30 pm, all five channels show different kinds of shows. ABC airs I Survived a Japanese Game Show, which is a game show. CBS airs Big Brother, a reality show. CW shows Reaper, a teen drama. NBC airs America's Got Talent, which is also a reality show. However, this one is based on talent as opposed to drama, so it is geared towards a different audience.

Another example of counter programming is CBS. At 8:00 pm it airs NCIS, a crime drama, when the other four stations are showing reality shows.

Other Similarities
Although the two shows CW airs on Tuesday nights are not in the same genre, they are targeting the same audience, teens. The same idea applies to NBC. Celebrity Family Feud is a game show, and America's Got Talent is a reality show. However, both shows are based on competition. ABC shows two game shows with the same concept, humor. These two shows are targeting people who just want a good mindless laugh.

Top Rated Shows
2007-2008 Season
#8 House, and #14 NCIS are not in direct competition with one another. They are at diiferent times on different networks.

Weekly TV ratings
During House(#10) NBC airs America's Got Talent(#1). CBS seems to be trying to compete with NBC by airing their own reality show, Big Brother, in this time slot. Both CW and ABC are engaging in counter programming by airing a teen drama and game show respectively. At 8:00 ABC shows Wipeout (#2). CBS counters by airing their own top rated show, NCIS (#6), in the same time slot. The other networks seem to be in greater competition with ABC as they all air a reality based show at the same time.

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mjg504 said...

Tuesday night seems to be the top night for TV watchers because it has multiple top rated shows on and has shows on that appeal to all age groups.