Friday, August 08, 2008

Extra Credit

Stumbleupon is a toolbar that you can download for free on your web browser. It allows you to choose your interests and in takes you to random websites for your particular taste. The web pages can be kept in your favorites or if you don't like a web page, you can simply click on the stumble button to take you to a differnt page, like channel surfing.

I usually use stumbles web page to change my types of interests in order to search according to what I feel like seeing. I use this site at least three times a week to take up time when I'm bored. I also like discovering new websites I've never seen before.

This website offers personalization in a way that you can customize your personal interests to surf websites. It also lets you have a profile to where other users can link up to your page and look at a list of your favorite websites with similar interests. You can meet people and give or receive recommendations of cool websites.

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