Monday, August 04, 2008

Extra Credit

Musicovery is an interactive webradio that allows you to choose the types of songs you feel like listening to. It is so unique because you can set the mood to energetic, dark, positive, or calm. You can also choose to increase or decrease the tempo or dance, so that it can help you discover what you are looking for. From your selections, it then gives you all the genres of music to choose from. You can select them all or you can select as many as you want. Another awesome thing about this website is that you can choose the decade from 1950s-2000s.

By using this webradio, you are able to listen to all kinds of songs and also discover music that is not just mainstream. I regularly use this website because it's free, it's perfect for parties or if I just feel like hearing random music other than the traditional radio. I found this website on one day when I was randomly searching the internet. This website offers many opportunities for personalization because it gives you the option to ban songs or mark them as your favorite songs on your list.

Daphne Clement, exam bonus points

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