Thursday, August 07, 2008 is the Major League Baseball Associations main web page. From this page you can access loads of information about your favorite teams, players, and trades going on in the game with up to the minute news and notes from some of America's top baseball writers. I'm not sure if you all have noticed but I pretty much wore a baseball cap to school everyday representing my favorite team the "Chicago Cubs" and as long as we remain in first place I'll wear it till the end of the year.
I use this site to check on the Cubs status in the NL Central Division and the stats of my favorite Cub players. Not only do I use this site to monitor the Cubs I also use it to monitor the other teams in the division and around the league. I use this site this way because I am deeply rooted in the game of baseball. I've been a life long fan since I can remember and I see no end in the immediate future. Through this site you check highlites from games around the country and also get up tp the minute scores and statistics from all around the league. The highlight's contain outstanding plays from around the league from every game in every stadium.This new brand of media lets the fan closer and more informed in the game than ever before. I can't imagine reading about sports highlights after having them readily available at my finger tips for the past three years.
Through I've also ordered my favorite jerseys, including a cubs jersey with my personalized last name on the back. In addition to jerseys you can also order caps and other souvenirs. Oh yeah, if you pay just $100 dollars you can watch every game all year long right from your computer; not so good if your a college student trying to write a blog and you keep getting interrupted by all of the days baseball action.
On there are hundreds of blogs and chat rooms and there are even player blogs from big leaguers. This component allows for fans to interact with fellow fans and players, as well as chat about all the action on the field. Overall this website incorporates several different types of media into one simple user friendly interface that even I can use.

Kevin Peterson, Replace low blog grade please (the one I missed preferably). Thanks Peace Out!

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