Friday, August 08, 2008

No Time For Internet

Since use of the Internet has become America’s favorite pastime, people are more easily connected to each other through electronic use. There are those who have been stubborn about depending on this technological phenomenon too much, and would rather just never turn on a computer than have to rely solely upon one. A part of that person lives in me. Reasons that I do not visit more than two or three sites during my week are simple: 1) I usually just do not have the time. 2) I have a malfunctioned computer that refuses to connect to a modem and cannot make up its mind about any wireless network except the one at school. 3) I am an impatient person. If a connection is taking too long to bring me to a site, I give up trying, only going back again when I have more time. I lead a very hectic and busy life and I usually have a purpose when I log into the Internet. The few sites I do use are Yahoo Mail, Facebook, and all that goes along with it (WebCT, Wiki, etc.) I also check my funds using the website for Wells Fargo. I used to stay online for hours… but as I said before, if a connection is taking too long, I am out. I am not an Internet hater, but I just have too much going on with life to sit down and learn all about how to work with it and enjoy all it can offer me.

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