Thursday, August 07, 2008 stands for the independent film channel. It is a site that is based on everything that is independently done in film and music, (anything that isn't mainstream). This site even has a section on politics. I use this site mainly for the movie aspect. I love watching the ifc station on tv, but the website allows for more of an in-depth look at certain films. I also use it to see what movies are going to be played on certain nights, to assure that I won't miss them. There are reviews, podcasts, stories, interviews, and even web shows. I really love this site because I love independent films. even gives updates and allows you to watch clips from films that are showed at film festivals around the world. There are even contests sometimes where the prizes are to attend a certain film festival. There is a talk area in every different section on this site. You can talk/argue about film, music, politics, even the actual ifc station. There is a section even called "start a conversation" where you can talk about anything you like. also has a store where you can by movies and documentaries. This site is just really interesting and informative to me. I love it!

Tori Fitzsimmons, exam bonus points

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