Thursday, August 07, 2008

Extra Credit Blog is a website strictly dealing with the weather nationally and locally. There are updates about the weather throughout the day along with video broadcasts of the weather.
I use this site to stay informed about the weather in my area and the areas of my family members. I also use this website to stay informed about the weather because it is always changing, which is why it interest me so much. This site gives hourly, 7 day, and 10 day forecasts, showing graphs and columns to give the weather and percentages of changes that could occur. This website is neat because you can search a zip code and it will give you the weather for that area instantly. Like most webstites they have videos of different stories and articles posted mostly by google. There is not a social networking component because this site is to inform its viewers of facts, not have opinions of what people think that the weather is going to do.

Lauren Self
bonus points toward final exam please.

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