Monday, August 04, 2008

Sunday Night Programming

We chose to do our blogs over Sunday night.  Unlike Friday night and Saturday night, Sunday has a variety of shows to choose from on several different channels.  

1.) ABC-Comedy, Teen Drama, Reality Makeover Show, Sitcom
CBS- News, Reality, Game Show, Crime Drama
CW- Sitcoms
FOX- Comedic Sitcoms, Cartoon Comedies
NBC- News, Sports

2.)  There are many different instances where there is block programming on Sunday night.  On the CW, an example of block programming would be Everybody Hates Chris, Aliens in America, The Game, and Girlfriends.  Also another example of block programming would be on FOX when they air The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad.
These are examples of block programming because for each network, the shows have the same type of genre, they all have similar appeal, and they are all placed together so that they can be watched consecutively.
There are also examples of counter programming on each of the networks.  An example of counter programming would be Americas Funniest Home Videos on ABC and 60 minutes on CBS.  Another example would be High School Musical:Get in the Picture on ABC and Big Brother on CBS.
These are examples of counter programming because these shows are played at the same time but on different networks and they are completely different genres.  This is because producers are trying to appeal to different audiences by having a completely different type of show to watch on their network.

3.)  There are many different similarities between programs then just the genre.  For example, on FOX, The Simpsons and Family Guy are both comedic sitcoms that are targeted for an adult audience.  Not only do both of these shows have adult language and content, but it also takes intelligence to be able to understand the jokes.  I think that Fox is creating a brand image for itself because it seems that they are trying to keep the same flow of viewers therefore they air the same genre of sitcoms that would all appeal to the same audience.

4.)  There are not any top-rated shows on Sunday night.  It seems that the networks are competing by switching up the genres of television shows.  For example, on CBS they have a news program followed by a reality show, a game show, and lastly a crime drama.  On the other hand, CW airs only sitcoms throughout the entire night.  This goes to show how networks are switching things up so that they can attract more viewers.  


Tracy said...

I love Sunday night TV! It's always great to end your night with a little Family Guy before returning to the books to hit the last minute studying before Monday. I wish they would show it more often though.

cgentry said...

Sunday night is my favorite night of programming because there are many comedies to choose from. My favorite channel to watch is the CW and my favorite show is Everybody Hates Chris.

peacerin said...

I would most likely watch TV on a sunday night, because of Family Guy and the Simpsons. Also, by the time these two shows come on I am winding down from the weekend and relaxing on the couch ready for a little tube action.

timothy green said...

This sunday night line up is a very unique one. i really this is a way to end the weekend and start off th week in a good fashion. this are the type of shows people want to see ona sunday night. this is my group assignment. i just had to comment on it because im a such a big fan of sunday night sitcoms.

Victoria said...

I think that the networks definetly know that people like Sundays, and observing the comments above, it's ture. I think this is so because Sunday is traditionally the "relax and unwind" type of night. This also, i believe, leads to the wider varity of shows offered for viewing. Some networks like fox center around more adult cartoons while other offer sports, sitcoms, and teen dramas, something for everyone on Sunday "family" night.

Kim said...

The Sunday night programming is for sure the best. Who says that cartoons are just for children? The Simpsons and Family Guy are great shows that always make me laugh because you never know what's going to happen. Sunday night is the best night of the week to rest and just veg out in front of the TV before the start of another long week.

mjg504 said...

Even though Sunday progamming is still a weekend day the shows don't portray this. There are plenty of good shows on to watch because the idea is that on Sunday nights people are at home relaxing watching TV resting up for a new week of work.