Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday Night Programming

Genre types:
ABC-reality show and reality competition
CBS-sitcom and crime drama
CW-teen drama and local programming
Fox-crime drama, hospital drama, and local programming
NBC-reality competition

Block programming:
ABC has a block of reality shows from 8pm to 10:30 pm. The shows are High School Musical: Get in the Picture, Wanna Bet?, and The Mole.
On CBS, there is a block of sitcoms between the times of 8 pm and 10 pm.
The names of the shows are The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two & a Half Men, and The New Adventures of Old Christine. These programs are block programs because they are of the same genre and they are aired one after the other.

Counter programming:
One counter programming situation takes place between ABC and CBS between 8pm and 10 pm.
ABC shows the reality television programs High School Musical: Get in the Picture and Wanna Bet? The CBS programming is a line up of sitcoms. The shows are The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Two & a Half Men, and The Adventures of Old Christine. This is an example of counter programming because it allows people to have a choice. For example, if someone is tired of watching reality television on ABC, that person can switch to watching sitcoms on CBS for a good laugh.
A second example of counter programming takes place between Fox and NBC. Fox provides drama programming between the time period of 8pm to 10pm, while NBC provides reality competition programming during the same time period. This particular set of counter programming gives viewers a very dynamic choice to choose from. If someone feels burned out on watching dramas like Bones or House M.D. on Fox, they can choose to watch American Gladiators on NBC in order to watch something filled with action and excitement.

3.The CW seems to be targeting a teen and young adult audience. The CW wants to show that it can still provide decent programming for young people. In the case of CBS, the network wants to improve their image by showing funny sitcoms in order to attract a much larger audience.

There are top rated shows on this night of television viewing. The shows are House, CSI:Miami, and Two & a Half Men. ABC, CW, and NBC are competing with CBS and Fox. CBS shows Two and a Half Men at 9pm. ABC is trying to counter this program by showing the game show Wanna Bet? during this time slot. NBC wants to counter Fox's television show House,which is aired at 9pm, by showing American Gladiators during the same time slot.

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mjg504 said...

Monday night seems to be one of the biggest nights to watch TV because three of the top rated shows are on, on that night. It is also the start of the week so it is more likely for people to sit down and just watch TV at night because of the gruling weekend they might have had.