Monday, August 04, 2008

Thursday Night Line-up

We chose to do our blog entry on the Thursday night primetime line-up.

1.) ABC: Drama, Medical Drama, Reality
CBS: Reality, crime drama, action
CW: supernatural drama, supernatural,
FOX: reality, reality,
NBC: reality, horror drama

2.) Block Programming:
-FOX has block programming consisting of reality shows on Thursday nights. The shows are: Don't forget the Lyrics, So You Think You Can Dance
-ABC has a drama block consisting of Ugly Betty and Grey's anatomy
-CW has a block that consists of supernatural dramas, the shows are Smallville and Supernatural.

Counter Programming:
One ocassion of counter programming is between ABC, CBS, CW, and FOX. Each station has a different genre between 8 and 9pm.
For example, we have Ugly Betty (drama) on ABC, Big Brother (reality) on CBS, Smallville (supernatural drama) on the CW, and Don't Forget the Lyrics(reality) on FOX.
A second example would be between ABC, CBS and NBC between 10 and 10:30. ABC offers Hopkins, a medical reality show, CBS offers Flashpoint, an action drama; NBC shows Fear Itself which is a horror story sitcom.

3.) FOX targets a younger audience between 8 and 10pm by showing reality shows. The CW targets both a young audience and a more mature audience by showing Smallville and Supernatural. Smallville is targeting the younger audience and Supernatural targets a more mature audience but still a little young.

4.) Grey's Anatomy is on ABC at 9:00pm, and So You Think You Can Dance which would be the equivalent to Dancing with the Stars, and is a big show as well is on FOX at the same time.
Both being successful shows, they have to compete against each other.

Nikte, Marcus, Victoria


erikaoffer said...

This night is my favorite night of television during the summer. I enjoy all types of shows and Thursday nights have it all. I like Last Comic Standing, Grey's Anatomy, and CSI. All of these shows are airing on Thursday nights and on that night I am usually camped in front of the TV. I like Grey's Anatomy because it's a kind of soap opera and I become way too involved in the characters lives, but I also enjoy reality TV (Last Comic Standing) and I like the mystery of CSI. The counter programming that networks have on Thursday night suits me as a viewer because I can get all of my shows that I enjoy on one night.

tori fitzsimmons said...

Depending on what season the shows are on determines whether i like thursday nights. for this summer schedule, it is my least favorite. I don't watch any CSI shows or Greys Anatomy, these types of shows are very monotonous and boring to me. Whereas if it was the fall, thursdays have shows like My name is Earl, the office, and 30 rock, thats when i love thursdays. summer tv in my opinion, isn't as good as in the fall.

Bianca said...

I dont really watch a lot of tv but when i do i tune in to Greys Anatomy on thursdays. I absolutely love this show. Its my favorite! If it wasnt for this show i honestly wouldnt bother to watch tv on thursdays.

KevinP said...

Well I must agree with the other Grey's Anatomy fans that this is my favorite night of television. Some how three years ago a now ex girlfreind got me watching this dramatized doctor's tale which has become somewhat of a popculture Phenomenon with people such as myself tunning every thursday. I admittably am one of these sheep but I feel as though that is the only show I watch on this day so the networks counter and block programming techniques are not working on this guy.

Lauren Self said...

Thursday night I really enjoy watching Grey's Anatomy. I like this show because of the drama and sometimes the scandal that plays out, I also generally enjoy the genre. Grey's Anatomy is something that I look forward to on a weekly basis, I would probably not anticipate Thursday evenings if it weren't for this show, and Sunday night would be the night that I looked forward to the most.