Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Seeing the World

Mobissimo (click on name to be transfered) is one of my favorite finding air fare websites

I check this site several time a week and theres no real other reason than it's because i'm a travel freak. I love mobissimo because they are like many other 'Cheap flights' site and they pull together different airfare prices for several different companies. I like them over the rest because they have a wider variety of airlines that are not typically searched. I used to use Sidestep but they resently stopped filtering for American Airlines and they are one of the nations largest airlines, so of course i want them listed.
Mobissimo is also different from many other booking sites because it offeres "MobiFriends", MobiHeadlines"(which gives you news that could affect your travel such as the featured headline "Iraq to Open New Airport in Hopes to Promote Tourism"),Newletters, MobiActivity (which lets you search by some activity you want to do ie beaches, gambeling, cricket etc), featured profiles, blogs and good deals on resent search results other users have found. This is taking it from just a 'find fare' web site to more of a travel community.
By having all of these things offered, it turns it into a more interactive site that involves more people and more mass communication about a centralized topic. By creating a whole profile it can refine your likes, dislikes, home airport, dream spot, desireed destinations and then find cheapest fares for you or also connect you with people who have already been where you want to go; therefore providing tips and external resources. They advertise this as "Meet fellow travelers from around the world , Trade tips on favorite hotels and restaurants ,Share your plans, make your trips more social". Next time you want to get away, check it out because Basically i <3 Mobissimo.

Victoria Murray, Exam bonus points.

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