Friday, August 08, 2008

YouTube is a site where people who have created videos may post them and leave comments or blogs as to what they have viewed. Everything from home created videos, to commercials, to clips of movies can be accessed through YouTube. This site is a form of new media in the way that things that could once only be accessed through our televisions can now not only be watched on our computers, but can also be email to friends or shared in blogs. The thing that this site allows only for new media is that personalization and "talk back" can both take place. This site allows for personalization in the way that things we have created can be posted on the site and shared with people from around the globe. It allows people to have the ability to talk about the videos by being able to leave comments on the actual YouTube site, or people can post them in other blogs (as we do here) have have people leave their thoughts and comments on those sites. Networking can happen through the site by being able to leave comments and have others read your thoughts. If people wish to get in contact with you to discuss your comments they can and so YouTube allows people to meet others and see others ideas.

Erika White-Offer, 5 points on exam

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