Wednesday, August 06, 2008


My team is the Pittsburg Steelers so my site is

The web site is the official national football website. You can pick your favorite teams logo at the top and then you can go their home site and look at the game schedule, about the players, comments and even watch games online if you are not in front of a TV. You can even go through and buy official gear from their store and look at the charts and data from previous games and players.

I mostly use this website to look up information about my team. If they are trading someone I want to read the press release and see who they are signing. I also look up the game schedule so I can know when they play next and most importantly I use tit to watch the games online while I am at work.

This site can offer you to log into what is know as Fan Zone which you can personalize and make it your own. There is also a message board where there are a variety of different topics and you can engage in back and forth talk with other fans and even read comments and talk with the general manager of the teams and players themselves. You can make your self heard. Also after a game has just finished you can go and watch video clips that are from locker room interviews as well as highlights and recaps of the game; so it is a continuation from TV to the internet.

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