Thursday, August 07, 2008

TVCulture vs FOXSoccer (oh, you are already here...sweet)

I visit TVCulture about three times a week! It is a great blog website, where you'll find blogs of different things, from Family Guy episodes, to blogs about the amazing Pandora website, not to mention, suck-up blogs about this particular website...whoohoo!! Students who register, can post their blogs and comment on other students blogs. Polls are posted as well from time to time, and even though "The Dark Knight" has recieved more votes than it should, the polls give us an idea of where we stand as a classroom. You can also find an archive list of past blogs, so if you do not see your blog on the homepage, you can always find it under the archive.

This website is not so much individually personal, given the fact that only about 25 people ever look at this website, and your name is stamped on every comment and blog you post, but it is personal to all of us, and it gives everyone a good feeling seeing that cheesy blinking Television Set, that probably no one owns anymore and which this blogger might just tattoo on his chest, because we know it's not just a grade we want, but a form to express ourselves...

Rolando Davila, an "A" on the Final... :) :)

seriously now.... (Just in case the top one wasn't "fair-use")

Soccer (futbol) is my passion and my life, so I rely on to inform me of what goes on in the soccer world! I visit the site everyday, becuase everday there is something going on in soccer. The homepage gives you the latest news about certian teams, clubs, players, transfers, managers, etc. On the top you can also find tabs, of each region around the world. So after you read the millions of articles about Cristiano Ronaldo's ambigious transfer, you choose your favorite region and it gives you the news about that certain region. There is also videos news, photos, interactive forums and blogs.

The reason I like this website also is that, it allows fans to comment on each news article, photo, and video. Soccer is the passion sport because of the fans, so it is very interesting on the comments some people post and the arguments that go on cyberly. All you have to do is register, make up a name, and start interacting. Another neat thing, is that you can register to get news sent to your e-mail, right when they post it on the website! So if you are registered for that feature, you can be the first to know if C. Ronaldo will be leaving Manchester United!

Rollie, extra points on the final please....

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