Thursday, August 07, 2008

Extra Credit Blog- is a website that has different sorts of science news regarding groundbreaking developments in health, environment, animals, technology and space. It has different articles on these subjects and my favorite part is the "top 10" features they have. It's not a lot of reading but I still learn a lot.
Even though I'm not a science major, I like to go to this site to read random articles and now that I've found MySpace and Facebook a bit boring, I go to this one everyday because there's always something new that is interesting as well as educational. I've used this site to find random facts about a subject, I use it for entertainment since I sometimes don't have much to do at work.

This website lets you be a member of it and you can actually receive emails on your favorite stories and sections. It doesn't enable to keep in touch with people, you just know what's new on the website.

Nikte Flores, exam bonus points

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